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Ripe Tomatoes

After a week plus of getting ready for my son's 5th birthday and a really bad case of poison ivy (all over my arms, my face, my eyelids, not fun) I am finally back in front of the computer. And since I'm taking steroid pills for the poison ivy, I should be pumped up and ready to blog like mad! :)

One good thing about taking some time off from gardening in the middle of July is that when you finally do get back to the garden, it's like seeing it for the first time. I walked out there today and saw red ripe tomatoes, tons of cucumbers, poblanos, jalapenos, some big zucchini and crook neck squash. Where did they all come from? Well, I know that they came from all the hard work I put in this summer but it's nice to see that it's finally paying off in the form of something that I can eat.

No surprise that my Early Girl Tomatoes are ripe but I was shocked that I had some Brandywine and Brandyboys that were ready also. The Porterhouse Tomatoes and the Tomande will probably be ripe enough to pick this week also.

I guess my garden felt sorry for me and decided to make me feel better with an early treat. Thanks guys!


  1. Colleen said...
    Yikes! Sorry to hear about the poison ivy! It does sound like your garden is trying to be nice to you now :-)

    Mmmm...brandywines....I'm still harvesting Early Girls and cherry tomatoes. The rest of my tomatoes are still green.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Colleen,

    Perhaps if you roll around in some poison ivy, your tomatoes will pity you too and turn red. :)

    Yes, I'm really surprised and happy about the brandywines. I was very serious about staking, pruning suckers and spacing my tomatoes for best air flow this year and I think it's paying off.
    steven said...
    I've never had poison ivy, but if it's anything like it's West Coast counterpart Poison Oak then you have my sympathies. That stuff spreads EVERYWHERE and I do mean everywhere if you get my drift.

    I've exhausted all my tomato tricks, it's up to this week's projected highs of 85 and 60% humidity to do the rest.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Steven,
    Thankfully, it did not spread "everywhere" for me. :)

    But I woke up the first morning after getting it and I was scratching my eyes while still half asleep. That made it spread to my face. Since then, I've been sleeping with socks over my hands. It's been an interesting week.
    Marc said...
    Glad to have you back! Sorry to hear about the poison ivy though. I've had my share of battles with the stuff too! Happy Birthday to your son, and Happy Gardening (and blogging about it). I'm sure August will be better for you.
    Annie in Austin said...
    Oh, no! You have my sympathy, Anthony - poison ivy is terrible stuff. I hope the medicine helps you get over it soon.

    That's good news on the peppers and tomatoes - congratulations. You'd think that we'd have lots of poblanos here in Austin but not this summer. We still have to buy them.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Marc, Thanks Annie. Sorry to hear about your poblanos.
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