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Porterhouse Beefsteak Tomato Seedlings

Vegetable Gardening can help you travel through time. Don't believe me? I'll prove it. As soon as I received my 2007 Burpee Catalog in the mail, I caught a glimpse of what was in store for me this summer. Just by looking at the Porterhouse Beefsteak Tomatoes that were right there on the cover, I knew that I would be eating them in the future.

The Burpee Catalog says:

Plump fruits from 2 to 4 lbs each - sure to beat any record in the neighborhood. The luscious flesh is deep red all the way through with just the right balance of meaty solids and succulent juice. Smooth texture and rich, old-fashioned flavor make this the greatest extra-large beefsteak we've ever bred.

But it seems like the future isn't written in stone. My germination rates were terrible for these porterhouse tomatoes. When I use my APS-24 Self Watering Seed Trays, I usually get close to 100% germination in each and every single tray. The 50% germination rate of these porterhouse tomatoes is just really poor.

Well, I'll just have to wait and see if they're worth it. I can be very forgiving if they taste good.

I wonder if Nostradamus was able to see the tomatoes of the future. Maybe he could have warned me about these Porterhouses.


  1. OldRoses said...
    Let me admit first that I don't grow veggies. But I have heard that one can get better germination rates if one uses a heat mat under one's seed trays. Have you tried this?
    Anonymous said...
    Hello, I check your site often and enjoy reading it. I was wondering, how old are the tomato seedlings in this picture? Thanks
    Anthony said...
    Oldroses, I've heard that peppers do better with a heat mat but my peppers geminate fine without it. And I've never had any problems with tomatoes before. If I love these Porterhouse, maybe I'll look into a heat mat for next year. Thanks for the idea!

    Ryan, thanks for stopping by. The seedlings are about 3 weeks old and they're about 2 or 3 inches tall.
    Haddock said...
    I must admit I pefer growing the smaller cherry type tomatos and not the larger beefsteak type.
    I have never had a germination problem with toms, but I do have probs with Eggplant and sometimes sweet peppers.
    Adekun said...
    Have you had any previous troubles with beefsteak tomatoes detonating after the rain?
    Leslie said...
    Anthony, thanks for your comments at dreams and bones ... it helped me to find you here. This is a great blog and it will be fun to travel our parallel journeys of heart ache.

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