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Composting The Democratic National Convention

"Compost is the silver bullet that may allow Denver and the Democratic National Convention Committee to slash DNC trash to just 15 percent of the waste stream, their stated goal."
Source: Rocky Mountain News

DNC Composting Factoids:
- A1 Organics collected the DNC waste to be turned into compost
- They used special cups from cornstarch that could be composted
- Cardboard and sandwich boxes were composted
- A1 uses a special predatory wasp to control flies in their compost piles

Only 15% of the DNC waste stream wound up in landfills. The rest was composted or recycled.


  1. Kristy "Greenthumb" Guthrie said...
    Yeah! Dems are awesome!
    Parsec said...
    That's great!

    Now...if they could just give me a little compost to get my pile cooking...
    Anthony said...
    Hi Kristy,
    Since this isn't a political blog, I'm hoping that they're making bipartisan compost. :)

    Hi Parsec,
    I know you were joking but I could see a market for "celebrity compost". Hmmm....
    Daisy said...
    I'm pleased that they took the time to make this effort. Back them or not (and I do), it's easier to talk about minimizing waste than it is to do it on a large scale. Kudos to the organizers!

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