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Tomato Update

green tomatoLately I've been moaning and groaning about how my summer garden has done so poorly. Well I may have to retract all that moaning and groaning because it looks like I may actually get some tomatoes after all.

In the spring, I started my usual blend of hybrid and heirloom tomatoes from seed with high hopes.

Then tragedy stuck! Well not really but that does sound more exciting than saying, I got too busy and made a conscious effort to cut way back on my vegetable garden. Unfortunately the timing was really bad because at the point in the season I should have been hardening off my tomato seedlings and getting them into the ground. The tomato seedlings sat there, overgrown, in their seed trays.

Very late in the season, I ran out to the nursery and picked up three tomato plants and stuck them in the ground. Looks like that desperation move has paid off because I've got some decent sized green tomatoes in my garden now.

And with the weather expected to be in the 90ies this week in New Jersey, I think everything will be okay. I'll have a fraction of the tomatoes that I usually have but at least I'll get something.


  1. Susy said...
    That's what farmer's markets are for (to make up for our gardening inadequacies).
    Anthony said...
    Hi Susy,
    It's true. I picked up some nice Brandywine tomatoes from a local farm this weekend. Yum!
    Parsec said...
    Have you ever grown those 'Black Krim' tomatoes? They are supposed to be delicious!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Parsec,
    Yes, I love Black Krim. Even though they're typical heirlooms and don't produce a lot of fruit, the taste makes up for it.
    Daisy said...
    Good for you! At least you'll have something.
    I picked up two zucchini at the farm market a few days ago.
    Leora said...
    I live in New Jersey, and my tomatoes were late this year, too. But now I'm finally getting red one after red one. I planted Rutgers tomatoes, because they are smallish and flavorful, but not as small as cherries.

    I would like to grow more in my backyard, but instead, we are growing a groundhog, who lives under our garage. We need to buy a love trap for next year.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Daisy,
    Yeah, you gotta love the farmer's market.

    Hi Leora,
    We have a woodchuck/groundhog problem as well. I'm doing pretty good with that thin black plastic deer fencing. I bury it in my mulch and surround the garden with it. Recently one of the buggers found a way in though. Good with your "love trap". I don't have much love for these varmints. :)

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