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Pictures of Daffy Duck In A Pot

keywordsHave any of you bloggers out there ever sat down and really gone through your traffic logs? I'm not talking about your main traffic sources, I'm more interested in the stuff way at the bottom of the stats. I've found some interesting search phrases in my logs that make me wonder what kind of loony people are using Google.

Seriously, I don't know what's weirder, that Google ranks me high for "Pictures of Daffy Duck in a Pot" or that someone was searching for it.

And recently I posted an article about a guy getting caught with a large amount of marijuana, who then claimed that he wasn't selling it. He said he was using it for his compost.

Combine that with all of my aero garden posts and of course now Google sends me tons of people looking to grow "Aero Garden Marijuana".

And apparently the Marijuana growers out there are trying to do it organically because they're also searching for "egg shells and marijuana growing" and also "marijuana and fish water". Good for them. Who needs nasty chemicals in their drugs anyway?

And with Halloween coming up, those Trick or Treaters are getting a jump on the season with searches like, "i want to buy truckload of eggs" and "pumpkin ready".

Please feel free to share the best search terms you've come across in the comment section below. I think these things are really entertaining.


  1. Parsec said...
    "Who needs nasty chemicals in their drugs anyway?"

    Hahahahahahah...probably one of the funniest lines I have read on a blog anywhere online!

    Amanda Thomsen said...
    I have a couple classic ones, someone Googled "threesomes in Indiana" and came to me because I had a photo of 3 Daturas and I used to word threesome to describe them and best of all... someone Googled "radicals in Northwest Indiana" and came to my review of the boo 'Radical Prunings'... ugh, weird ones come with the territory when you're Kiss my Aster!
    Julie said...
    Ha! My favorite search term that led to my blog was "maraschino cherry toilet paper." The lady that found my blog with that phrase was so entertained that she took the time to write me an email explaining that her husband had a teacher when he was young that claimed maraschino cherries were made out of toilet paper. Years later, the wife was just trying to figure out where such a crazy idea could have come from. My blog, apparently.
    Anthony said...
    That's a cool story Julie! Sounds like you've found a life long reader.
    Gina said...

    I remember that I used a search engine 11 years ago. I was pregnant with my oldest child and had decided to use cloth diapers...so I searched the word "diaper" and was SHOCKED by what popped onto my screen.

    Apparently "diapers" are a huge fetish for some people. And this was way back before search engines knew how to filter through content and back when photos would load right up without warning.

    Aye yi yi!!!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Gina,
    That's pretty disturbing and funny at the same time. :)
    JGH said...
    Ya mean I won't find a picture of Daffy Duck in a diaper growing marijuana here??!

    Julie LOL about your story!

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