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Here's an awesome quote that I just found while going over the articles Google sent me. You find a lot of interesting things in the news when you have a Google Alert for Compost.

This is from an article about how E. coli has been getting in our food supply lately. It was in the San Francisco Chronicle. The quote comes from a letter to the author that was written by Ian Davidson (it's the second letter on the linked page).

The application of properly made aerobic compost and the liquid extract of such compost (known generally as compost tea) to the foliage and root system of a plant creates a microbial force field around the plant that is naked to the human eye. By inoculating plants with these beneficial organisms, it is virtually impossible for pathogenic organisms to even touch the plant, because the beneficial aerobic organisms are in such dominance.

Well said, Ian. And on a personal note, I'd love to have my own "microbial force field". I'd use it on my kids all the time.

What's that honey? The kids are chasing each other with brooms again? Don't worry, the force field is up, they'll be fine.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to settle for a microbial force field around my garden. And that's not a bad thing to settle for.


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