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Biodegradable Plastic

Now here's a good idea that's almost ready for prime time. You may have heard that they can now make biodegradable plastic using corn. So the whole supermarket paper or plastic argument may be going away sometime soon. But did you know your next picnic or BBQ could become more green too? All you need is some compostable cutlery.

How cool is this? These knives, forks and spoons are biodegradable and can be composted. They're made from corn starch "and other biodegradable fillers".

If you explore around this Eco-Products site, you'll see they also have compostable cups, plates and other cool things. The containers and plates are actually made from Sugarcane.

Unfortunately, these green products are probably a little too expensive for me. I think I can get a package of 500 forks from Costco for under $10. These compostable forks are sold in cases of 1000 for $45. But as they become more popular I'm sure the price will come down. And then I'll be the first on my block to have a Zero-Waste BBQ.


  1. kellypea said...
    Hey Anthony! How goes it? Thanks for stopping by my food blog. Always appreciated. And how did you find out about the plastic grocery bags going to the way side? I've tolerated those things at best, understanding. I've also oogled the canvas bags I'm supposed to purhase to be green. What's a bit annoying is that being conscientious always costs more. I understand why, but I'm getting tired of it. Now compost doesn't cost more, so I vote you the king of that. What does it say about me that I want to do this? No space. Truly. I need a new house.
    Ed said...
    I am a little concerned about biodegradable plastic. Better than the old stuff, but isn't it still made from oil, and does it still contain hormone disrupting chemicals?
    Anthony said...
    Hi Kelly,
    I thought those those biodegradable grocery bags were big news. I guess they're big news for a guy who runs a blog about compost. :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Ed, I'm pretty sure that these products are made from plant starches (like from corn or potatoes) and not from oils.

    As far as what else they add to it, I'll have to do some research and post a follow up.

    I think that dissolving stitches that are used by Doctors are made from this type of material. So I think they'd be okay for the compost bin (or at least I would hope so). Check back tomorrow and I'll post more information.
    Mad Man Bamboo said...
    These are definitely better than polymer plastic and are promising. But one thing I am concerned about in the search for oil alternatives is that switching to corn based products, like ethanols (for fuel) and alternatives to plastics has its limits. The more arable land we take out of food production to make corn based products, the less land we have for food production in the U.S. Ultimately the best alternative is using durable metal utnesils, but I guess corn based compostable utensils is at least a step towards the right direction. Great blog Anthony!

    Anthony said...
    Hi Sean,
    I hear that they're making some progress on creating ethanol from switch grass so some of the corn issues may become less of an issue in the future. And I agree that giant fields of corn is definitely nature out of balance. But like you said, at least it's a small step. Thanks for visiting.
    Anonymous said...
    Im not sold on these yet.. notice in the descriptions it says the product will compost in commercial compost productions.
    Anonymous said...

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