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Name That Fungus

Does anyone know what this stuff is? It's some sort of fungus that's growing in my mulch.

It doesn't really bother me because my yard is always full of mushrooms and weird growths because I use so much mulch and almost finished compost everywhere. I even get a nice bunch of morels that sprout up every once in a while.

My guess is that it's something that grows where ever there's decaying wood (like my shredded wood mulch).

Most likely, I'll just cover it up with more mulch this spring when I top off all of my border beds.


  1. Ki said...
    We have a lot of that type of fungi when we got shredded wood chips from the local recycling station. Some of them have tiny round objects in them that look like bird's eggs in a nest. It may be either Splash Cups Crucibulum laeve or White-egg Bird's Nest Cyathus striatus fungus. Probably the latter since it is widely distributed in North America.

    You are lucky to have morels. My favorite mushroom for eating.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Ki, I will definitely come to your for all my future fungus questions. :)
    Tracy said...
    Anthony: When I pulled up my overgrown and rather soggy lettuce last July, there was a fungus growing under them that looked very similar to that. I just let them be, and as it dried out they "went away." (Neglect is sometimes one of my favorite gardening tactics!)
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Tracy, I agree, I have no problem applying a generous amount of neglect. :)
    west9491 said...

    here's some more pics of it that i took. someone followed up saying what it was....pretty wierd stuff, the pods look like they got seeds inside.
    A scientist in the kitchen said...
    Love your blog!
    Bridget said...
    Thank you for this post! I've been trying to figure out what I have growing in our butterfly and herb garden. I think I'll try the neglect tactic! :)

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