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What Can You Do With 35 Yards Of Mulch?


  1. Marc said...
    Now that's more like it Anthony! The mulch looks much better like that then in a gigantic pile in your driveway!

    I can tell that it has taken a lot of work (and wheel barrows) to make your yard and garden beds resemble a park like that. Now you just need a fountain, a bench, a no littering sign and a dog catching a Frisbee to complete the look.

    Good job!
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Marc! But this is actually the mulch from my first delivery. I still have that new pile sitting in my driveway. :) We went away for Memorial Day weekend so I didn't get any mulching done. The new pile is going around my raised beds in the vegetable garden and by the kids swingset on the other side of my house.

    The fountain and the bench will have to wait though but I think I can manage a no littering sign and maybe my kids can play some frisbee. :)
    CornOnACob said...
    thanks for posting that! We have about half of our 23 yards sitting in our driveway yet. Is that just regular bark mulch? Have you had any problems with increased insect activity? We noticed a whole lotta noseeums seemed to show up around the same time as the mulch, which seems a bit problematic. I'm also getting large numbers of slivers! any suggestions?
    kellypea said...
    Thanks for stopping by my site! And I'm so jealous of your property. I used to have a half acre I could plant things in. You've really done a great job getting all that mulch taken care of. The yard is looking beautiful.

    Good luck with the salad. I'm almost ready to make it again.
    Anthony said...
    Hi cornonacob,
    This is Premium Shredded Hardwood Mulch. I order from local place called Mulch Express and I'm always happy with the quality.

    Never had any problems with insect activity but since I don't use any chemicals on my lawn, I may just be used to having more insects than usual. :)
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Kelly,
    All I need now is a truck load of plants for all of these new border beds. :)

    Hey everyone, if you're looking for a good salad, go check out Kelly's site. I found a great arugula recipe there that I'm definitely going to try.
    Kati said...
    mmmmnn! yummy mulch! what would i not do to get mulch like that delivered in my driveway ??
    P~ said...
    Anthony, Looks great! Definitely time for some though. One one hand I wish I had a yard that size, but on the other, I am glad to not have to spread that much mulch.
    How's the garden coming? Oh yeah, and I built a rolling composter recently. I have to finish the stand for it, but I should have pics up soon. You'll appreciate it I'm sure.
    steven said...
    You've inspired me Anthony, I'm the proud owner of ten yards of mulch as of 1:30 this afternoon.
    Anthony said...
    Kati, "Yummy mulch"??? Hmmm, maybe you should stay away from my yard, especially when you're hungry. :)

    P~, I'm very interested to hear about that rolling composter. Sounds great!

    Steven, it starts with a 10 yard order and before you know it you'll be hooked and hauling a few yards everyday. :)

    Remember to bend with your knees and not your back. Enjoy!
    Blackswamp_Girl said...
    lol, Anthony! That's how it starts, huh? :)

    I've managed to stick with just 6 yards for the past two years. I wasn't going to do any mulch this year, but between your pictures and the neighbors 2 doors down just putting theirs down, I couldn't resist. (I don't care about keeping up with the Joneses, but the way her silvery plants in the front just kind of "popped" with the dark mulch background put me over the edge!)
    Ottawa Gardener said...
    Could you send me some?

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