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15 Yards Of Mulch

After getting 20 Yards of Mulch dumped in my driveway, you would think that I’d be all mulched out. Well you’d be wrong if you thought that. That was just the appetizer, now I’m on to the main course.

I got another 15 yards of mulch delivered this week because I grossly underestimated what I needed to create border gardens along most of my property line and also around the pool. Plus I also like to put mulch down around my vegetable garden beds to give it a neat look.

Getting the first 20 yards spread out took it’s toll on my back and I lost a good wheel barrow/garden cart in the process (cracked axel). But now that I can stand upright again I’m ready for more gardening! As far as the hauling goes, all I needed was a quick trip to Costco and about 1 hour of assembly time and now I’m back in action with a brand new wheel barrow. (my third in three years!)

The mulch must go on...


  1. Colleen said...
    Well, try not to hurt yourself :-) (This from someone who is currently in agony from digging out another bed in my yard.....) I love what a difference mulch makes in the garden. It just makes everything look instantly neater. If only I could find the mulch equivalent for my living room.....

    BTW...the blog looks good. You've changed a few things since I last visited. I like it :-)
    Anthony said...
    Colleen, the equivalent of mulch in my living room is the mulch that my kids track in. Trust me, it doesn't make it look neater. :)

    Yes, I recently made a few changes. I'm trying to get more serious about my blogging. So far, mixed results. Not a lot of time for blogging with the 9-5, the kids, the mulch, etc. But I'll keep at it. :)
    Humpty Dumpty House said...
    Oh my goodness. Holy mulch batman. That's a lot of mulch.

    I only had three cubic yards and it's not even all doled out yet. That took up like 1/5 of my drive way.

    Happy mulching.
    Anonymous said...
    Now that's a load of mulch! lol

    Hi Anthony;
    You've changed your design. I like the new look. I was just looking at your pictures of the Hosta's. Are they very hard to keep up? I'm such a poor gardner, lol.

    Have a wonderful day?
    steven said...
    Three wheelbarrows? You need to find a sponsor to supply you with them.

    I'd love to mulch the back of my lot with a good six inches, but it's too pricey.
    Annie in Austin said...
    Good grief, Anthony - let's be careful out there! If your back holds out, and your mulching plan works, natural decompostition may eventually make your whole yard seem like potting soil, right?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    Marc said...
    Wow, you are Mulch Man! You need to post some pictures of the finished product after the mulch is spread out.

    The cats in your area must be happy to get so much new mulch to scratch around in!
    Anthony said...
    Humpty, Only 3 cubic yards, I think I have 3 cubic yards of mulch in my socks after a few hours of mulching. :)

    Box, Hostas are almost bullet proof. As long as you can keep the slugs away you should have good luck with them. I'm glad you like the new blog look. I plan on using this template for most of my blogs.

    Steven, I'd love to get a wheel barrow sponsor or a compost tumbler sponsor or even better would be a camera sponsor. I've been reading about your camera troubles and I'm sure you wouldn't mind a camera sponser either, right?

    Annie, I'm only a casual mulcher, I can quit anytime. :) A whole yard of potting soil... I like that way that sounds.

    Marc, pictures are on their way. I already took a bunch of "before" shots from on top of my roof.
    Carol said...
    Your last comment, that you took a before picture from up on your roof, now that's something we want to see!

    I purchased a "lawn utility vehicle" several years ago which is a rechargeable motorized garden cart. It purrs along and though it goes kind of slow, it does help when moving a lot of mulch around.

    Is there a 12 step program for mulch addicts?
    OldRoses said...
    I don't think I'm allowed to comment here. I don't use mulch! Anthony, I admire your fortitude.
    Blackswamp_Girl said...
    Crazy, Anthony. You are CRAZY! (Said with a huge grin and an admiring shake of the head.)

    I'm getting 6 yards of Sweet Peet delivered today and I'm wondering how I'll get it all spread before September. I can't even contemplate dealing with 6x that amount altogether. :)
    Ottawa Gardener said...
    Oooo jealous!
    kellypea said...
    I'm feelin' your back pain. Oof.
    Ki said...
    Yow! looks like 15 tons to me. My wife was just telling me that a co-worker got hurt by something in the mulch and had to go to the doctor because it swelled so much. The doc told him that a lot of the mulch was coming from the polluted Louisiana area and to be careful with the stuff. Don't know where the doc got his information but thought I'd pass it along. I was a little skeptical that they would ship mulch from LA to NJ but stuff comes from all over so not as farfetched as is seems I guess.
    Anonymous said...
    Photos look terrific!

    Jeannemarie : )

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