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Does anyone have a good recipe for blackberry jam? I think I'll have a few extra blackberries this year and I might have to make some jam.


  1. Colleen said...
    No recipes, but if my raspberry bushes get anywhere near as large as your blackberry, I'll be in heaven :-) Any tips?
    Anthony said...
    Colleen, Use lots of mulch
    Annie in Austin said...
    Down here the blackberries are made into Blackberry Cobbler, Anthony. You can get it at local restaurants, which each have their own variation. Blackberries are okay, but I'd rather have your blueberries or Colleen's raspberries!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    steven said...
    I leave the jam making and berry growing to my Aunt.
    Ki said...
    We've had to fight wild blackberries in the back of our home for many years and the fruit was large but very seedy so I have blackberry phobia. Now raspberry are a different thing altogether.
    lisa said...
    Actually, if you buy a box of Sure-Jell quick pectin (for freezer jam), there are recipies on the instruction book. Freezer jam is especially easy, and you can get light pectin for low sugar recipies, which I think taste better.

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