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Turkey Visitor

I was at work the other day when my wife called. Lately when she calls, I pick up the phone and hear my 4 year old son’s voice.

"Hi, Daddy, do you want to play eye spy?" That’s good for a laugh no matter how many times I try to explain to him that we need to be together when we play eye spy. But today’s call was different.

My kids were both shouting, "Daddy, we got a turkey, there’s a turkey!"

"There’s a turkey on the porch,” my wife added. “He’s looking in the window, what do you think I should do?"

Having a turkey in the yard isn’t a big deal really. We get them all the time. I’ve even seen one come down out of my kid’s clubhouse and down the slide.

"Did you take any pictures? I can blog about it."
"He’s standing near your turkey fryer. Thanksgiving was four months ago, you think that you’d have put the fryer away by now."
"See if you can get a picture of him standing near the fryer."
"The kids want to go outside," she said completely ignoring my comment. She’s great at that. I’ve wasted some of my best humor on this woman.

"And he’s pooping all over the place. You need to clean that up when you get home."
"Just open the door and shoo him away."
"He’s hoping around, I think he’s hurt."
"Why didn’t you say so? You better call animal control if he’s hurt."

When we had a giant snapping turtle in our yard, animal control found a turtle nest with eggs across the street from my house so they said they couldn’t move the mother turtle. Hopefully, they’ll be of more help this time.

So I called back an hour later to see what happened and my wife told me that Animal Control sent a tiny little women with a giant net to capture the turkey. Really, a giant net? Like a fishing net? No, more like a butterfly net but bigger.

“So did she catch the turkey?"
"No, he hopped around and then flew away.”
“So that was it?”
"Yeah and you better clean up the porch when you get home."


  1. Colleen Vanderlinden said...
    LOL--I like backyard wildlife as much as the next girl, but I'm with your wife on this one. Although, it would have been funny if you had a pic of him next to the fryer....
    Unknown said...
    LOL! I bet your kids appreciate your sense of humor--and your storytelling, too. I was really hoping to see a picture of him next to the fryer... *sigh*
    Ki said...
    The he is probably a she. Very cool that you have them in your backyard. We did see a flock biking through a heavily forested place once and a couple other times in small stands of woods about a mile away but unfortunately not anywhere close to our yard. Great photo. Looks like she wants to be let into the house. Know any turkey jokes?
    Anthony said...
    This turkey came back the next day and hung out in my yard and in my neighbors yard for the next few days. But now she's (thank you for correcting me) gone.

    Hopefully she'll come back when I'm home and pose next to the turkey fryer this time.
    Anonymous said...
    This is FANTASTIC.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Clerk, I'm happy to turn my yard into a zoo for your amusement. :)
    lisa said...
    All that excitement and all you got was "poop duty"? Nice pic through the window-makes her look even more like an "intruder"...I agree that posing by the fryer would be way cool.
    Anthony said...
    Lisa, "Poop Duty"? Isn't that redundant? :)
    Judson said...
    At least you got a turkey, I had a guinea hen move onto my back porch.
    I don't know who was scared worse, the wife or the cats.
    Gotta Garden said...
    This is so wild! I mean, it is wild...well, you probably know what I mean! The only turkey-in-nature I've seen is from the car window as DH pointed it out. And, from your description, I think that's as close as I need them. Yikes or Yuck!

    A giant snapping turtle! You do live in the wilderness!

    Very exciting times in your neighborhood!
    Anonymous said...
    Holy cow! Turkeys that ride on bikes? Surely flying is faster?
    (Ki said, "We did see a flock biking through a heavily forested place once".)

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