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Mouse And Trowel Awards

The Bloggies come and go every year and all I have to say is where are the garden blogs? Yes, I know that gardening is a small niche compared to topics like Tech or Entertainment but being completely shut out of the bloggies isn't fair.

Well Colleen at In The Garden Online obviously feels the same way because she is now holding the first ever Mouse And Trowel Awards.

Sorry Boing Boing and Gizmodo but you need to be a Garden Blog to qualify for the Mouse and Trowel Awards.

You can get the details of how to nominate your favorite Garden Blogs in many different categories at the Mouse And Trowel site. Hey Colleen, why not a Best Pictures of Compost category for next year. :)

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  1. Colleen said...
    LOL Now that's something you'll never see at the Bloggies :-)

    Thanks for posting about the Mouse & Trowels. You're awesome :-)

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