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Wow, my house must have a sign on it that says, "All Critters Welcome!" With all the rain that we got over the weekend a snapping turtle decided to venture out of the nearby lake and visit my house. This might be normal for people who live out in the country but I'm in Bergen County, NJ (throw a rock in any direction and you'll hit a mall) so this was big news. The police even showed up to say that they received a bunch of calls from people to report that a runaway turtle was crossing the road. Why did the turtle cross the road? It wanted to get in my blog, that's why. Apparently it was a mama turtle who had laid eggs in a dry creek bed across the street so the police said they weren't allowed to move or relocate it but not to worry because she'll eventually leave and return to her eggs.

So stuck with a giant snapping turtle near my front steps I hid the kids in the house and tried to be a good host and make her more comfortable. She wasn't too impressed with my garden art though so mama turtle left after about an hour.


  1. Christa said...
    Ha-Ha! That's a funny photo with the turtle art. I like all the critters on your site...
    Anthony said...
    Thanks, the critters make for some fun blogging but I wish they'd find a new home.

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