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Colocasia gigantea Thailand Giant Strain

Not since Dumbo, have I seen elephant ears this large.

The Colocasia gigantea Thailand Giant Strain that I received in April is really starting to look great. I had hoped to get this, along with my musa basjoo, into the ground around my pool for a tropical look but that never happened. Here it is still in a pot in the middle of July. Don't ask me about the pool renovation, since I'm still not swimming it's a sore subject. But anyway, the elephant ear is doing just fine in this pot.

It grows slow but steadily until the hot weather kicks in. And lately I'm getting a few new leaves every week.


  1. Hanna said...
    Hey, is that the one that gets to have like 6' wide leaves in its native Thailand? I think I read about it the other day in a mag... but I can't remember where...
    Anthony said...
    Well I have leaves that are about 4 feet wide in native New Jersey so I guess they could get to 6' in Thailand. The picture in the Plant Delights catalog (not on the website) shows this tiny little person next to a giant plant. It almost looks fake. Those leaves look more like 8 feet wide.

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