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Elephant Ear

I love growing Elephant Ear. You toss a bulb in a big pot filled with compost and water it everyday and you get a great looking five foot tall plant for the patio.

This year I ordered a Colocasia gigantea Thailand Giant Strain. It arrived in a tiny 24 oz pot about a month ago and it's doing great. I planted it in a compost/manure mixture and added some of those water crystals because they like to stay moist.

The Plant Delights catalog said that it can grow to 9 feet tall and have leaves 5 feet long. Probably won't get that big in a pot but we'll see if it can top 6 feet by the end of the summer.


  1. Kurt said...
    I just returned from the nursery.....and I bought a Giant Elephant Ear bulb. It's huge.I am going to plant it in a pot. How deep do I plant it. Do I leave the top half of the bulb exposed? How big was your pot? I am so excited.

    Anthony said...
    Good for you! I'm sure you'll enjoy watching it grow this summer.

    The pot in the picture has a 30"+ diameter, so it's pretty big.

    Plant the bulb about as deep as the bulb itself. So if it's a 4" bulb, then go 4" deep.

    Good luck!

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