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Hardy Vegetables

I discovered something that I thought was pretty amazing in my garden this past weekend. It seems that some of my cool season greens have lived through the winter. The plants looked dead as a doornail all winter but once the overnight temps started staying above freezing, they started sprouting again.

The Swiss Chard, the Arugula and the Bok Choy were all buried under snow for a good portion of the winter but I guess that may have helped insulate them from the cold. Either that or they're some sort of super vegetables.

This is great news because these are three of the plants that I picked to put outside in a hoop house before the danger of frost has passed. I guess my seedlings will be fine.

swiss chard


bok choy


  1. sarah k. said...
    Just a small word of warning: hardy greens are great because they make you pretty happy in the spring, but don't eat them. They are amazingly yucky, after soaking up all those minerals for months. I don't know how you're supposed to do it, but I would guess that if you let them grow a little, chop of the slow-growing stuff, and let new shoots come up, then you could use those. I once tried some overwintered arugula and nearly puked.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks for the tip Sarah. Overwintered arugula makes you puke. Got it. :)
    Silli said...
    But you've got a head start on new growth, and will be eating soon.
    Red Icculus said...
    I use a cold frame, so they are actively (but crazily slow) growing. You must have some crazy hardy varieties.
    Kate said...
    Our chard survived the winter, too! Good to know we don't want to eat those first new leaves, though.

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