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Hoop House Prep

hoop house soilWell I didn't time my seedlings perfectly but I'm not that far off. If I started the seeds for the cold tolerant greens about two or three weeks earlier then I would have spent my weekend transplanting them to the hoop house.

So since the seedlings aren't quite ready to go outside yet I spent the weekend cleaning up the garden and prepping the hoop house. Here's a photo of the inside of the hoop house and it's totally weed free. The soil has been amended and I'm ready to start planting. Now I just need some plants that are ready to go into the ground.


  1. Chiot's Run said...
    That's some nice soil!
    Colleen said...
    There are few things as beautiful as a perfectly prepared garden bed :-) I still have some lettuce under lights that needs to be planted in my hoop house, but it's been warm enough that I ended up direct-sowing some lettuce seed and it spouted a couple of days ago.

    Did you plant peas yet? I never get mine in on St. Patty's day...

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