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Hydrangea Coming Up

It's always nice to see things sprouting after a long winter. Here's a photo of a hydrangea starting to grow that I discovered after cleaning out a flower bed this weekend.

Grow Hydrangea Grow!


  1. Amy Kate said...
    Yay!! I love nothing more than seeing the glimpses of green from all of the brown/grey/dry leftovers from last year! Whoo hoo!
    Norie said...
    About your previous post, I am having exactly the same experience with Mizuna this spring. In the pop-up green house, they seemed dead after long winter, but they came back and are now beautifully blooming. I let it bloom to try to collect seeds. I knew Mizuna was cold hardy but didn't expect it to be this tough. I highly recommned it to vegetable growers with extended season like you. BTW, I have a very beginner question. When is usually "after danger of frost" here in northern Jersey?
    Anthony said...
    Hi Amy Kate,
    Yes, it's those glimpses of green that get me all fired up for spring.

    Hi Norie,
    Last frost is a tricky question. Most of the charts and and guides say that average last frost is April 15th but I usually wait until May 15th just to be safe. Wait for the rhododendrons to bloom and you'll definitely be safe.

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