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Winter Garden Update

winter gardenThanks to all the rain last week, my garden is showing signs of life. Just about all the salad greens and root crops that I planted have germinated.

Yes, they're fragile little seedlings at the moment but with some TLC, I'm hoping that they become a thriving fall and winter garden.

If last year's weather is becoming the new normal, then these plants should be okay until Halloween. I was still picking hot peppers and tomatoes at that time last year. Global Warming/Climate Change is making gardening interesting lately.

So that gives me about a month to get a mini hoop house built. Yesterday was hot and humid in the 80ies here in New Jersey so I'm more worried about watering my seedlings at this point.


  1. Parsec said...
    Rain...how I would love some of that right about now.

    I hope your winter garden grows well...I'm sure it will.
    Norie said...
    Hi Anthony,

    My lettuce seeds and mizuna (Japanese leafy veggie) seeds have also sprouted in 3~4 days, thanks to the Indian summer a few days ago. After I learned about the garden fabric in your blog, I did some research on the cold weather protection for winter gardening, and I am thinking of buying a small triangular shaped (just like a tent) green house, which is about the size of 4x4 feet. To think of harvesting greens in my own yard in the middle of winter is so exciting. I wish I had a bigger, sunny yard to expand my gardening experiments!
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Parsec, I hope so too.

    Hi Norie,
    Congrats on your sprouts. I agree that it really is exciting to try growing stuff in the winter. Stop by again and let me know how your "experiment" is working out. :)
    Colleen said...
    We're doing a mini hoop house for the first time this year. We built a new raised bed close to the back door, and I planted it up with arugula, spinach, beets, and kale. They're all growing well thanks to all the rain we got last week.
    Sue Swift said...
    You're back and I hadn't noticed - I'd been clicking occasionally but ther time goes so fast ...

    Any way, I've just caught up on your posts for the last couple of months and I'll be back regularly from now on. I've been posting on compost too - I've found out you can do it on a balcony.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Colleen,
    I hope you do lots of posts about the mini hoop house. I'm anxious to hear how it works out for you. I went to Lowes during lunch to price out some materials for a cold frame compared to a hoop house.

    Hi Sue,
    Yes, I'm back and I'm glad you are too. :) I think my hiatus only lasted about 2 weeks.

    Definitely going to check out your balcony composting.
    Daisy said...
    Interesting is right! Last year I had too many zucchini to give away; this year? 5. That's right, 5 total.
    Tomatoes, however, are thriving, and so are the peppers. Spinach, too. I'm definitely planting spinach again next year.
    Jo Ann said...
    Has anyone heard of anybody using wind power for energy source of a greenhouse and/or hoop house?

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