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Bluejays In The Snow

I don't think it's spring yet.


  1. Nancy J. Bond said...
    Beautiful! I think bluejays are among the prettiest of our winter birds. :)
    Ottawa Gardener said...
    Hello blue jays. Hello snow (she says less cheerfully).
    kellypea said...
    No, but it is a sight to my weather-starved eyeballs that is BEYOND beautiful, Anthony!
    Anthony said...
    Hello everyone,
    Thankfully after two days of rain, the snow is gone. Now I just have wet bluejays in my yard. :)
    Lesley said...
    Living in Wales, I have never seen a bluejay. Aren't they gorgeous?
    Anthony said...
    Hi Lesley,
    Wow, that's pretty interesting that you've never seen a bluejay. I guess I'm stop taking them for granted. :)

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