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Compost Heated Shower

Here's a cool composting project that my wife would never let me try in a million years.

What's that honey? You ran out of hot water in the shower? Okay, let me go throw some coffee grinds on the compost pile and that'll get it cooking again.

Ideas like this are still way too raw to actually benefit anyone. But hopefully some enterprising inventor will stumble across this and come up with a way to build a compost bin that can be used to heat water and make it look nice enough that home owners associations won't come knocking on your door once you start using it.

Just think about all of the problems that a home composting system that could also heat hot water would solve.

  • Less waste - Most of your garbage would be composted

  • Free compost - No more buying fertilizer and the garden will look great

  • Free hot water

  • Free heat

I think people are starting to catch on that compost has a lot of potential and not just for gardeners.


  1. Sue Swift said...
    Hi Anthony,
    I vaguely remember seeing a BBC documentary on a village in China where they were doing just that. All waste (and I mean all!) was used as communal compost to provide heat.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Sue,
    Yes, I could see a setup like this working in a remote village in China or in this commune from the video or on a farm. But the idea still needs some work if it's going to make it to the suburbs. :)
    Ayse said...
    You can actually cook in a compost pile, as long as you wrap the food up safely. I think an episode of This Old House showed that happening.
    Anthony said...
    Hi ayse,
    That's pretty cool. I'll have to experiment with this idea over the summer.

    Sometimes when I'm in the garden, I say to myself, "You know I could really go for a pot pie right now." Now my dreams may come true. Thanks.

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