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Doomsday Seed Vault

Have you heard about the Doomsday Seed Vault? They're stockpiling seeds inside of a frozen mountain on a remote Norwegian island just in case the end of the world comes. They're also doing it to ensure biodiversity of the world's food crops but the end of the world scenario is much more attention grabbing.

Since New Jersey is pretty far away from the artic, I think I may start digging my own Doomsday Seed Vault. I've got a nice supply of seeds for one family but if I'm going to start the New Jersey Seeds of the Apocalypse Vault (my name is a little more catchy) I'm going to need a lot more seeds. Where are my seed catalogs?


  1. Sue Swift said...
    Oh - great minds think alike. I've just posted on this too! Actually you beat me by a day, but I hadn't seen yours, I promise !
    Anthony said...
    Hi Sue,
    So is your great mind thinking about digging a tunnel under your house to store your seeds too? :)
    Ki said...
    Yah, heard about it and also read something about some Soviet scientists (if I remember correctly) who kept a seed bank and some of them died of starvation rather than consuming some of the grain seeds. Now that's dedication!
    Anthony said...
    I read about that too. Dedication is a nice way of putting it. :)

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