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Aero Garden

Aero Garden
Has anyone seen the Aero Garden? The ads call it the "World's First Indoor Smart Garden." For those of you who haven't seen it, it's an appliance that makes it easy to grow herbs and vegetables right on your kitchen counter. You take a grow pod that has seed in it and drop it into the Aero Garden where it's treated to a "near perfect rainforest growing environment." It has it own lights that are on a timer and it'll tell you when it needs more water or nutrients. These nutrients come in tablet form and you just drop them in. So it's really a hydroponic setup with no dirt involved what so ever. And the Aero Garden people claim that you'll get maximum growth from your plants in a lot less time.

Now, my fondness of compost should be apparent to my regular readers. Getting my hands full of dirt and working in my yard makes for a good day in my book. Not only do I make my own compost but I do my best to keep my yard totally organic. So you'd think that I'd be appalled at growing seeds without dirt in a bath of water and nutrients, right? Well I am, but I still totally want one.

I tried to hate this thing because the idea of growing plants without dirt sounds kind of test tube babyish to me but my love of gadgets won out on this issue. And the idea of having fresh salads and herbs right there in your kitchen, even in the winter sounds great too.

If anyone has any experience with the Aero Garden, I'd be really interested to hear from you. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. There's a good chance that I may find one under the Christmas Tree this year. It'll probably be marked, To: Anthony, From: Anthony but there's still a good chance that it'll be there.


  1. kellypea said...
    No advice, but I've seen them, and think they're a bit odd. Besides, I use so many herbs, the thing could never keep up with us! Let us know how it goes...
    fridrix said...
    They work. The herb kit makes a boatload of basil. I have some pics on my blog.
    BTExpress said...
    I got one as a present for Christmas and love it. Due to the difference in the time it takes each herb to sprout, next time I wouldn't start them all in at the same time. That's to try and keep them all about the same height. In just under a month, the tallest ones are about 6 inches high (basil & dill), the shortest (parsley) just an inch or so. I too have pictures on my blog.
    Matt said...
    I agree. The faster growing herbs overgrew the slower ones which made it difficult to keep them at the same height without constant pruning. This gadget does work. If you want more info, there's a forum for people who have the unit. I was invited to check out an AeroGarden Growers forum on flickr.

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