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Raking Leaves Is No Fun

lawn full of leaves
Before ... (well actually half-way done at this point)

... and after.

If you love going outside, getting fresh air and some exercise, then you should probably like spending a nice autumn day raking the leaves in your yard, right? Wrong! There's nothing fun about this wretched chore. And if someone tries to tell you different, then they're just trying to sucker you into raking their leaves for them.

The only good thing about raking leaves is that when I'm done, my compost bins are full. All of those leaves are going to break down and help next year's garden grow.

Oh wait, I also enjoy when my kids come and jump into a big leaf pile. You'd think that would be annoying because I have to rake the leaves back into a pile but it always brings a smile to my face. I usually jump into the pile with my kids and we lie on our backs and make leaf angels. So I guess that's two things I like about raking leaves.

You know what I like too? It's fun to walk around on my pool cover. It's sort of like a trampoline. I use the leaf blower to get all these leaves off the cover so that the pump doesn't get jammed up. They have an elephant standing on it in the pool cover brochure, so it's no big deal for me to take an occasional stroll.

And oh yeah, I like taking a break to have some hot cocoa too. Nothing beats having a hot cocoa out in the crisp autumn air.

Well fine, I guess I do like raking leaves after all.


  1. Katie said...
    I was going to say...how could YOU, Anthony, of all people NOT like raking leaves? :0)

    I too like cocoa.
    Nora said...
    Hi Anthony. I recently moved to Northern Jersey and started composting for the first time. I found your blog while searching for how to make compost. My composter bin is not cooking very quickly because of this cold winter and also because I do not have much green stuff to add, but I can feel the warmth inside when I stick my arms in, and that's exciting enough for me! I look forward to reading your blog updates.
    Ottawa Gardener said...
    Does your date actually say 12/12 like December 12th. Perhaps you need some snow? Have I offered you some yet? I have snow like some have zucchinis. Snow anyone? A bag of snow? A truckload.

    I do not like raking leaves but I do like looking at them. It's a tough bind really. I usually suck them up in my electric lawn mower and then pulverize them...

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