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Aero Garden Videos

After my Aero Garden post, I decided to hit the search engines and see what I could learn about this thing. Well I don't know how much I learned because it looks like two of the three videos that I found on YouTube are actually from the Aero Garden people. I guess that's what you have to do now a day to market a new product. And I still think the Aero Garden looks like a cool gadget.


  1. Mary Beth said...
    No personal Aerogarden experience here either, but you can do some web searching and find the materials and instructions to make your own hydroponic tabletop garden for about half the cost. I plan to give it a try myself after my new pantry is complete and I have someplace to put it.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Mary Beth! Being a do-it-yourselfer myself, I may join you and build a home grown version.

    But I am weak when it comes to shiny new appliances so I still may buy the Aero Garden for myself. :)
    Colleen said...
    I kind of scoffed at these, too, but now that it's winter and I'm stuck inside, it doesn't seem like such a bad idea. My local Sears had one on display, and they do look pretty cool. I hope you find one under your tree this year :-)
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Colleen, I was hoping to get some winter greens going under a cold frame this fall but that never happened. I may wait until after the holiday and try to catch a sale. I see that they have them at Linens/Bed Bath and they're always sending out those 20% off coupons. We'll see.

    But if I do get one, then I know what I'll be blogging about for over the winter. :)
    Sue Swift said...
    I wish I´d known about it when I was writing my letter to Father Christmas! Oh well, perhaps next year.

    Have a lovely Christmas Anthony.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Sue, I hope Father Christmas leaves you big bags of compost under the tree this year. :)
    OsmoJoe said...
    I an AeroGarden at a friend's house. I was surprised at how much it was growing. The lights on the gadget are quite bright, so I guess they really encourage plant growth.

    I would get one!
    lisa said...
    I want one of these too, and I've been cruising Ebay to try and snag one for under $100, but no luck so far. I'd love to see you test one first! ;-)
    Jenna said...
    I've been eyeing these for a quite a bit now, and while the geeky side of my soul is intrigued... the nerdly half is struggling with the cost. Toss in the small fact you have to keep buying their (proprietary) pods, their food, their seeds... and I'm stuck on the fence.

    If you end up getting one, I'll be very interested in seeing how it shakes out. At the moment, we're looking in to perhaps building our own system for the basement. (I think we might be the only ones looking at LEGAL applications when we wandered into the local hydropnics shop!)
    Sue Swift said...
    Hi Anthony,

    Happy new year! hope the long silence just means you've been having a wonderful Christmas.

    Just wanted to let you know that we're now gearing up for round 2 of the Garden Bloggers' Carnival -a bit different this time, in that I'm asking people to nominate a post from another person's blog. Full details on my blog today (Jan 3rd). I hope you'll participate again, like you did last time. And of course, if anyone else reads this, please join in!

    Anthony said...
    Update: Happy New Year everyone. January 3rd and I still don't have an Aero Garden. I guess Santa didn't get my letter. :( I may have to take matters into my own hands.

    Yes, long silence is due to holiday hangover and the fact that it's 15 degrees outside. I'll pull it together again soon. :)

    And another carnival sounds like a great idea. I'll definitely check it out.
    Jenna said...
    Well... I broke.

    We got a lovely woodburner fan for Christmas from my brother and SIL, sadly we already have one. So ack it goes... and the same catalog sells the Aero gardens for $40 more then the fan. As it would cost at least twice that to build the system ourselves we decided it was time to see how these things work in real use applications.

    The fan goes into the mail in the morning and the gal we spoke to said our garden will be here in a week or so. I'll let you know if it all works out.
    zendelle said...
    I got an aerogarden for Christmas in 2006 and grew some lettuce. It was great! Harvesting a few leaves every couple of days was just right for me, and it was unbelievably easy. This year I got the Petunia seed pack for it but haven't gotten that going yet.
    fridrix said...
    Lisa---they came out with a smaller version called the Aerogarden 3; it retails for $99 or so.

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