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Growing Tomatoes

Looking back at the year in tomatoes, I have to say that it was an okay year. Not the greatest harvest of all times or anything but on the other hand, there were no problems with pests, diseases or drought. I grew a nice bunch of tomatoes and was able to make tomato sandwiches every weekend so I'm satisified.

I grew about 10 different kinds of tomatoes this year, some old favorites and some new ones too. But it was a newcomer that got my attention in the garden this season. I'm going to nominate Little Mama Paste Tomatoes from Burpee as the 2007 Tomato MVP.

The heirloom Brandywine tomatoes that I grow every year are the best tasting tomatoes known to all of mankind (in my opinion) but I just don't get enough production from my plants. And what good is excellent flavor if you only get to eat like 10 of them? And to tell you the truth, the hybrid Brandyboys aren't much better either.

My germination problems with Porterhouse Beefstake Tomatoes have already been well documented on this blog but at least the ones that I did get were quite tasty.

Cherry Tomatoes are great to throw in a quick salad and that's why I grew them right outside my back door. They taste pretty good, they have good production but they just aren't MVPs.

The Black Krims had their usual heirloomy issues, the supersonic were nothing to write home about and that leaves us with the Little Mamas.

Big Mamas have been my top producers for the past few years so I thought I give the Little Mamas a try this year. And I'm glad I did because they taste great, nice and meaty like a paste tomato should be and they produced tons of fruit. I love how they grow in clusters like grapes. I would cut one branch off of the plant and it would have enough tomatoes on it for several tomato sandwiches. And even now in October, I still have some that are ripening in the garden.

Little Mama, congratulations for winning the Compost Bin's 2007 Tomato MVP Award.


  1. Katie said...
    The picture made me laugh because those tomatoes look like really huge grape tomatoes.

    Glad to hear something from Burpee did well...
    Anthony said...
    Katie, I'm mostly a happy Burpee customer, did you have a bad experience with them? It sounds like you had a few.

    They do look like huge grape tomatoes but they actually about 4" long.
    Waliz said...
    this the first time i see this type of tomatoes... usually its a round one...
    Leslie said...
    Anthony, I have to second your nomination of the Little Mama. EXCELLENT producer well into October.

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