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Cherry Tomatoes

This year I decided to grow a few herbs and some cherry tomatoes in pots right next to my back door. This way when we're cooking, we can just stick our head outside and grab some basil or whatever we need. And making a quick salad no longer requires a trip up to the garden for tomatoes.

My garden is about 150 feet away from my house but it's not the walk that I'm trying to avoid. It's the fact that once I get to the garden, it's hard to leave. Let me just pinch these suckers on the tomatoes. Why don't I pick up a few of these apples and put them in the compost bin. Hmmm, my poblanos have fallen over, better get a stake. You know how it works. There's always something to do in the garden. Next thing I know, my wife is sitting at the dinner table with a tomato-less salad and I'm in the dog house.

This is my first year trying out this simple kitchen garden idea and so far I'm a big fan. I should have tried this sooner. Tomatoes and herbs are now at my fingertips with no walking in the heat of summer, no way for me to get distracted and start building more raised beds at dinnertime and no more dog house.


  1. Colleen said...
    Good idea! This is something I keep thinking I'll try, and then I never quite get around to it. Maybe next year...

    I was nodding along with you when you described what happens when you go out to the garden....I do the same thing! It's just so easy to be distracted.
    Anthony said...
    Yes, I have a bunch of ideas that I never get around to (a big bunch) but I'm glad that I got this done.
    steven said...
    I wish my garden were closer to the kitchen, but the layout of the house and the sunniest parts of the yard make it impossible.
    Lesley said...
    Yes! Going out to the garden is fatal..... two minutes can so easily become two hours.

    My herbs are close to the door and frequently visited.
    lornadoone said...
    I definitely like the idea of having the "kitchen garden" either in or very near the kitchen.
    Anthony said...
    Steven, the spot I chose to put my kitchen garden is definitely low on light but it's doing okay. Lot's of herbs grow in less that ideal condition.

    Lesley, 2 hours is a conservative estimate. :)

    Lorna, Inside the kitchen would awesome but I don't have the room. :(
    lornadoone said...
    I was thinking more of little herbs in pots during the winter than having an actual garden in the kitchen (although that would be completely rad).

    Um . . . I just used the word "rad" in public . . . and I'm sort of proud of it. ;-)

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