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  1. Carol said...
    What a beautiful harvest!
    Anthony said...
    Thanks! I may even get a chance to break out my dehydrator this year and make some sun dried tomatoes.
    OsmoJoe said...
    That is one of the best harvests I've seen!

    I pretty much gave up on growing vegetables because my hot California climate dries out my raised bed faster than you can say "drought."

    The only time I grow vegetables is from fall to spring, when the climate is mild enough to support lettuce, radishes, and nasturtiums (which look awesome in salads!)

    Please check out my gardening/plant photo blog at:

    Anthony said...
    Thanks for stopping by osmojoe. Fall gardening is better than no gardening, right?

    And I checked out your blog. Those are some great looking pictures.
    Ed Bruske said...
    Very nice looking veggies

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