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Poblano Pepper

These poblano peppers are turning into one of my new favorite peppers. I never grew them before but I'm definitely going to grow them again.

Last year I tried Thai Dragon Peppers and they were awesome too, but my wife couldn't eat anything I made with them because of the heat. I found a great recipe for a Thai basil sauce over chicken and made a effort to cook her a nice meal. We used to go out for Thai all the time before we had the kids so I thought this would be a treat. She tried a few bites and then ordered a pizza.

Poblano peppers are only slightly spicier than a regular bell pepper. But just to be on the safe side, when I cook up my first batch of poblano pesto, I'm going to hide the take out menus.


  1. Annie in Austin said...
    They look beautiful, Anthony - really beautiful. I'll bet the pesto will be fabulous.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Annie!!!
    kellypea said...
    Oh, did I just see the BEST stuffed poblano chili recipe I'm dying to make...maybe on epicurious? Hmmm...I'll have to check. So many food magazines, so little time. Those are beauties you're growing!
    Anthony said...
    Kelly, I can't wait to see your poblano recipe on your blog. You always make things look so tasty.
    Waliz said...
    ive read all your blogs about gardening..i love to see the picture too..keep it up anthony..make me wanted to plant them now in my backyard
    bs said...
    oh yes... you must stuff 'em. i did it a couple years ago, and it was a mighty effort, but totally worth it. the first recipe on this list seems familiar... raisins are a must i tells ya!


    i like your blog! can't wait to see what becomes of your pokemans.
    Anthony said...
    Waliz, thanks for visiting. Yes, gardening really in contagious isn't it.

    BS, thanks for the links to those recipes. I can't wait to start trying them all! Hey would you know of a page where I could get instructions on how to smoke, dehydrate and vacuum seal poblanos and jalapenos? Can't seem to find a resource that will tell me how long they will last if I prepare them like that.

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