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Thai Dragon Peppers - Red yet?

I've read a lot of garden blogs this season and it seems like all of us have a hard time waiting for that very first red tomato to show up. And when they finally do ripen, it's like a holiday and cause for celebration. This year I planted some Early Girl Tomatoes and was able to celebrate First Tomato Day in mid July. No, I didn't have a big party or anything, just a delicious tomato sandwich. Definitely worth the wait.

There are other milestones in the garden that are important to gardeners but the first tomato seems to be highly anticipated by everyone. The 2nd biggest event for me would be watching my hot peppers turn red. Sure you can eat them when they're still green but they lack the punch of the red ones.

This year I planted Thai Dragons amongst others. Here's what Burpee has to say about Thai Dragon Hybrids:
Pungent, and five times hotter than Jalapeno. 70 days. Fruits are 3-1/2" long by 1/2" wide at the shoulder with thin walls. 26" tall plants, well-branched to support a heavy load.

So now you understand why this red pepper that I discovered this morning, is such a treat for me. Happy First Red Pepper Day!


  1. Carol said...
    Happy Red Pepper Day. I have some yellow bell peppers I am waiting on, then it will be Happy Yellow Pepper Day.
    Anthony said...
    Yellow Pepper Day? That sounds like something you just made up. Are you sure it's a real holiday?
    Anonymous said...
    Well Happy Pepper day to you! I don't think I am brave enough to eat a Thai Dragon.
    Thai Radio said...
    Thai dragon peppers are sot hot!

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