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Looking Back At April's Posts

April was a fun month for garden blogging here on the Compost Bin Blog. Spring weather finally arrived even though my daffodils didn't think so. It's a good thing the crocus didn't take any blooming advice from the daffodils.

The month started and ended with my bird feeders being harassed by squirrels. But at least a big fat cardinal got in there too.

My Porterhouse Tomato Seedlings didn't do that great but the rest of my tomato plants will more than make up for those underachievers.

And I can finally park my car back in the driveway again now that my 20 yards of mulch has been spread out. Unfortunately my order was a little short, so I'll probably need another 20 yards or so to finish my beds.

Finally I learned the differences between Poblano and Ancho Peppers.

May should be a busy month in the vegetable garden. Beds need to be amended, plants need to be planted and I need more mulch.


  1. Carol said...
    That's a lot of mulch!
    Anthony said...
    Carol, my back agrees with you. :)
    Marc said...
    It had to be a good month if it included anything to do with growing tomatoes! Good luck with the Porterhouse tomatoes and I'm proud of you for thinning the other tomato seedlings. The survivors will reward you by growing up and giving you tasty tomatoes!

    Cna you tell I really like tomatoes?
    Carol said...
    Anthony, thanks for pointing out that Colleen had posted my "words of wisdom" about radishes.

    And now, I think my back has recovered enough to go back and finish up some planting!
    steven said...
    Is it my imagination or do most mulch and compost deliveries seem smaller than expected? Of course I gave up on compost delivery when everyone started cutting their compost with topsoil around here. Cheapskates.
    Anthony said...
    Marc, I just planted 24 tomato plants outside today. I'll have to take some pictures later.

    Carol, my back should be recovered around December. :)

    Steven, yes, the pile always appears huge in your driveway until you spread it out. :(

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