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I just heard the weather report and now they say there's a chance of snow here in New Jersey this weekend. My bulbs are starting to open despite a major beating from old man winter after they had already sprouted.

And now they might get covered up by the white stuff yet again.

Even if it doesn't snow, I doubt this crocus will make it past the weekend. My daughter is a notorious flower picker.


  1. lornadoone said...
    We've had crocus in bloom for a while now, and there's been snow a few times (including yesterday afternoon!), and the plants have survived. Good luck to you.
    Colleen said...
    We're due for flurries today, and temp drops back into the thirties. Spring is such a tease :-)

    My oldest is a flower picker, too. I tried to use her little hobby to my advantage by telling her last summer to "pick all of those pretty yellow flowers in the lawn" but she didn't go for it. Oh well :-)
    Ki said...
    Crocus are tough. I learned that after ours were covered by that sleet storm we had a few weeks back and popped right back up after the ice melted. Hope yours survives if your daughter doesn't pick them first. Nice macro.
    Anthony said...
    Lornadoone, I'm sorry it's still snowing for you. I'm glad everything survived though.

    Colleen, you've got to love child labor when it works. :) But my Dad is the dandelion picker in my family. He picks them and puts them on ice for his dandelion wine.

    Ki, your crocus are up too? Do I have the world's slowest crocus or something? :)
    Ki said...
    Our crocus have been up for at least a couple of weeks now. The slowest ones are in full bloom now. In a week they'll be gone. It's amazing how slow we are in the NE when everyone else seems to be at least 2 weeks if not more ahead. Our crab and most of the trees don't even have leaves yet. You must have the slowest crocus in the world!

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