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Turkey Invasion

Yikes! The lastest critters to stop by my yard for a visit were some wild turkeys. These things are huge and creepy looking. I definitely prefer the Butterball variety.

These wild turkeys are pretty bold too. They weren't scared of me at all. They didn't even move when I tried running towards them and shouting about how much I loved deep fried turkeys. I had to frisbee some garbage cans lids their way to get them to fly away.

Let's see, this year we got visits from a Giant Turtle, the Angry Duck, the Baby Bunny and that Corn Loving Squirel.

Hmmm, it might be time to buy big dog to chase all these critters away.


  1. lisa said...
    Amazing...you seem to get all the same wildlife that I do here in extreme NE Wisconsin-including the snapping turtles! They come up from the river in front of my house to the yard and lay eggs every spring. Usually a raccoon eats the eggs, but if I see where they are, I'll put up a temp. fence until they hatch. Good thing you didn't get too close-they can remove a chunk from any part of a human...bones and all! My turkeys are alot more timid, though-likely due to hunting pressure.
    Anthony said...
    I have a great zoom lens so I wasn't about to get close to that big turtle.

    But I find it very interesting that in your comment you talk about protecting eggs but when I visited your blog, I see a post about bashing up eggs with a meat tenderizer. Very interesting.

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