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Angry Duck

This duck is pissed off at me. Why? Well every spring him and his wife spend a few weeks in my pool. They have a standing reservation for the time between the ice melting and before I open the pool. They swim, they sit in the sun, they order pina coladas and enjoy my hospitality. Last year we never opened the pool so they enjoyed an extended visit. This year though, the pool is a mess and that means that their little New Jersey vacation spot is closed for renovations. Sorry ducks, no refunds. While your here though, feel free to enjoy the last patch of grass that the construction crew didn't rip out.


  1. steven said...
    This is the reason I haven't put in a pond, we have huge gaggles of semi-domesticated geese in the area and they would be all over the yard in a second.
    Anthony said...
    I don't mind the duck visitors because they're gone by the time we want to use the pool (must be the chlorine). But geese are a different matter completely. Maybe you should try a pond-less waterfall. Or how about roast goose? :)
    Angela said...
    Do ducks eat garden snails? I never realized ducks can just show up in a garden. We get the occasional odd bird like a wild turkey or hawk or egret, but no ducks so far.
    Anthony said...
    More about your snails? You need to stop with the live and let live attitude and get some salt. These snails are taking over your life. :)

    I live about a 1/2 mile from a little lake so the ducks are always flying around the neighborhood.
    maggie said...
    we used to have ducks who visited our old pool.

    they caused havoc for the rest of the year as we fought the brown algae the shared with us from whatever ponds they swam in.

    or pool guy told us to be sure to never let people, or bathing suits in the pool that had been in ponds, but there wasn't much we could do about the ducks.
    ~~ Melissa said...
    One duck couple once laid eggs on our pool tarp....but I think the possoms got them before we had to deal with it.
    Annie in Austin said...
    Okay, you say your name is Anthony, you live in New Jersey and the ducks in your pool are your pets?? Don't you star in a famous show on HBO?

    Actually, what I first noticed about your recent posts was what a bad case of out-of-zone envy you've got going - bananas, cannas & colocasia in NJ? The plants you are trying are even more tender than the ones I ordered from Plant Delights when I lived in Illinois.

    In TX I have a good chance of getting bananas to live through the winter, and cannas grow like weeds here, so of course it is zone 10 that now intrigues me.

    Good for you, Anthony! Dream big and have fun!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Annie,

    Sometimes (actually most of the time) my dreams are too big. But overwintering a few plants shouldn't be a problem. That's what the garage is for, my cars stay in the driveway. :)

    Zone 10 sounds exciting with all kinds of plant growing options but I was born in NY and I think NJ is as far as I will go.
    Annie in Austin said...
    My area is listed as zone 8b, but sometimes acts like zone 9 and our garage will be the winter quarters for my zone 10 stuff like the Chinese Hibiscus and the plumerias. At least half the people I know keep the cars in the drive, and call the garage a 'Texas basement'.

    Most of our tomatoes are hard & green - at the first sign of orange I bring them inside to ripen. Otherwise the tree rats get them.

    Two varieties new to us this year are Sunmaster and Polish Linguisa. Black Krim sounds delicious, but I doubt that it could survive here. The temperature has been stuck around 100ยบ with no rain, so the skins will be thick no matter what the variety.

    Good luck with your 'maters!

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