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Pool Update

Nope, it doesn't quite look ready to swim in yet. :(

For the past 4 weeks we have been waiting for the pool guys to put in a new liner. It was ordered over a month ago and was delivered once already but it didn't fit properly. They said they didn't measure the stairs properly so they had to measure again and send the liner back to be adjusted. Every single day, they've said it'll be in "any day now".

It's too bad because the contractor who's doing the stone work has done a fantastic job so far but he can't finish until the pool guys put the liner in. Once the liner is done, they can install the paving stone coping and then put down the tumbled paving stone pool deck.

So to review, pool guy = no good, landscape contractor = awesome. He's gone out of his way to make the job turn out great.


  1. Hanna said...
    Yep, you are right, you win. Knowing that I had a pool and could not swim in it would just make this heat really unbearable. :(

    Hope they finish it ASAP so you can enjoy the pool this summer.
    Richard Koehler said...
    It is now officially too late and too hot to be in New Jersey waiting for a pool instead of wading in a pool.

    You have my sympathies.

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