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Woodchuck Pest Control

To stop (or at least slow down) my woodchuck invasion the first thing I did was retrace his steps. There was an obvious hole in the vegetable garden fence (buried bird netting on 2x2 posts) that he must have bit his way through. So I knew how he got into the garden area. But where did he get into the yard?

Ah-ha! Here's the hole. Now if this was where he lived, all I would need is some dynamite and the woodchuck problem would be over. But this is just a short tunnel that goes from my neighbor's yard, under our fence and into my yard.

Now over the past two weeks, I've filled this hole in at least 4 times. And if you look closely, you can even see the chicken wire that I buried in there too. It's right next to the buried hose that I use to get water up to the garden. Every time I fill in the hose or block it with chicken wire, a big heavy bag of dirt or anything else I can get my hands on, the woodchuck just keeps digging until he gets around my obstacle. Sure is a persistent little varmit.

It seems like I'm going to lose the battle to keep the woodchuck out of my yard so I'm going to fall back and concentrate on protecting the vegetable garden instead. This war is not over yet.


  1. Robert said...
    Been there. They are built like little Bulldozers and you will tire before they do. For reference Mothballs wont work either. Nor will Habanero pepper spray, Hugo Boss Cologne or peeing on the entrance. Heavy bricks will only briefly slow them down.
    Chiot's Run said...
    Perhaps a woodchuck sized land mine buried right at the end this tunnel would do the trick.
    Chiot's Run said...
    Oh yes, I forgot to mention, we borrowed my parents like trap for our own woodchuck war effort. Not sure if I'll post the gruesome details on my blog or not.
    Anthony said...
    The more gruesome details the better!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Robert,
    Let's see, yup, I've tried all of those (not the Hugo Boss but another brand) and have had no luck either. And add human hair to the list too. No luck yet.
    alan said...
    Have u tried placing a cage trap at your end of the tunnel? A medium rat trap would do fine.

    You can leave one or 2 of the woodchuck's favorite veg inside in case it gets suspicious.

    Trapping it is probably a lot better than trying to keep it from intruding.

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