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Garden Greens

Garden GreensFor the first time this year, yesterday's lunch came from the garden. Most of the garden greens that I planted in early spring under the hoop house are doing great. So great in fact that I grabbed some scissors and did some harvesting yesterday.

I'm always feel a tinge of pride whenever I pick those first vegetables from my garden. It's pretty much in vogue now a days to grow your own food but how many of those people who decided to grow their first Victory Garden after watching Oprah or the morning shows actually had a nice bowl of garden greens for lunch yesterday? In your face newbies!

So this salad consisted of some simpson lettuce, mesclun greens, arugula and some red leaf that I don't remember planting. It must be from the mesclun seed packet. Along with the salad my wife made a zucchini and onion quiche. The zukes and the onions didn't come from the garden but check back in about two months and I'm sure my garden will have some veggies for the quiche too.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Looks Good!

    I'm jealous.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks! They were tasty.
    Kate said...
    We just enjoyed our first harvest this weekend, too--a big pile of spinach and two pounds of rhubarb. Time to make some jam!
    Colleen said...
    Congrats! The first garden-fresh meal of the year is always fun. I was all geeked out the first weekend I was able to snip some fresh chives to sprinkle over our eggs at breakfast :-)

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