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Weed Identification

weedDid you ever spend all summer taking care of a weed that you thought was a flower? Well I did.

Last year we had petunias in this hanging basket and I'm always reading about people who have petunias that reseed like crazy, so that's what I thought was going on in this basket.

Even though not one single petunia has ever reseeded in our yard, despite buying a few flats worth of them every year, I was still optimistic. It probably just needed some fertilizer and then it would start to flower.

My wife, who dedicated her summer to making the yard look good must have asked me about 15 times what was growing in this basket. And each time I scoffed at her and said something like, "you silly woman, don't you know the difference between a weed and a petunia?" Or "I'm a world famous compost blogger, don't you think I know what I'm talking about?" I think I even said these things with a French accent, just to sound more annoying.

Well the summer is almost over and still nothing. It doesn't look like this plant will ever have petunia flowers on it. At one point I was tempted to run to the nursery and buy some to save face but being a man (who sometimes speaks with a phony French accent) I fessed up and told her I was wrong and that she was right. Damn my weed identification skills.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I think I pampered that same "potentially nice flower" ie. weed, last summer. As I recall, it did eventually produce something. But nothing too worthy of a vase on the table.
    Liz in MN
    Daisy said...
    :) I planted a little thyme in with my lemon zest petunias (a.k.a. Packer Petunias), and the thyme eventually took over. I'm sure there's a punch line here somewhere.

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