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Ducks In My Pool

Yes, my name is Anthony and I'm from New Jersey and I have ducks in my pool.
Duck in swimming pool

But I'm not the Tony that you're thinking off.
duck near swimming pool


  1. Gina said...
    Now THAT is funny. Btw, I have the Sopranos ringtone. I use it for my ex and my lawyer. Very cool.
    Daisy said...
    snicker. In the spring flooding, we had enough of a backyard puddle that a pair of ducks moved in.
    Mommy Cracked said...
    Looks like they've found the good life! Your pool is beautiful!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Gina,
    You have the same ringtone for your Ex and your lawyer? Your poor Ex. :)

    Hi Daisy,
    I'll be sure to tell my ducks to check out your place. :)

    Mommy Cracked,
    Thanks, but it would be the good life only if someone else took care of it. Maybe I can hire this duck as a pool boy. :)

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