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Unknown Grape Problem

My father's grapes need your help. Does anyone know what's wrong with these grapes? I'm thinking it's some kind of disease but all of my searches have come up empty.

I was looking forward to some good wine this year but if all 250 of his vines become affected by this, we'll be out of luck. If any of the Compost Bin readers are grape people, if you could let me know what the deal is, I'd really appreciate it.

Where are those Fruit of the Loom guys when you need them?


  1. gebdot said...
    Hi I don't know much about grapes but a little bit about wine, it could be "Botrytis cinerea"
    check it out on Wiki.
    Leora said...
    Did it rain too much where you are? Grapes like it dry.
    Matt McCarrell said...
    That is black spot fungus. Treat with wettable captan this year and horticultural oil during the dormant stage. My parents have the same issue.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks for comments. Now my father can do some research based on your suggestions. Thanks!
    Jason said...
    I found this site to be very helpful when diagnosing my own grape trouble. I got it from a vineyard owner I work with.

    JGH said...
    Hi, I found you on the Blotanical map of garden bloggers nearby! I have a "Garden Problem Solver" reference book and it suggests something called "Black Rot" (a fungus). I need lots o compost tips, so I will be back.

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