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Can You Compost ... Beer?

People are always walking up to me on the street and asking me compost questions like, "Hey Compostman, what can I put in my compost bin?" or "Compostman, my bin isn't cooking, should I add something to it?" Well... people don't really ask me compost questions offline and no one ever calls me Compostman but a guy can dream, can't he?

Well even if people on the street have no clue that I know about compost, I still get questions here on this blog all the time. So I broke out my video camera and got to work.


  1. Tony said...
    Wouldn't it be more effective if you filter it through your body first? :)
    Anthony said...
    Yes, but I don't think my neighbors would agree with you. :)

    This blog does not condone wasting perfectly good beer, but if you have 1/2 empties laying around after you have company, feel free to add them to your compost.
    The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...
    I don't know it was a while ago but given how the last Japanese beer I drank I think it is better suited for composting. I have heard of guys having "compost" parties doing the drinking and "filtering" method you mentioned.
    lisa said...
    Heck yea! I like to use flat soda and overly hard cider, too.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Lisa,
    Great idea using the soda and cider too. Your bin must make an "Ahhhhh" sound when you pour it in. :)
    Pond Gardener said...
    Check out this really neat composter coming out soon:

    Melissa said...
    We're homebrewers and the husband and I will put the spent grains used in the brewing process into the compost bin. Not only are they a great organic material, but they're also heated up to well over 100 degrees and REALLY get things cooking!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Melissa,
    That's great. There's nothing like homemade beer and wine. And as a bonus you're making great compost too. Awesome!

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