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Future Daylily

In a few more days, these guys will have opened up and there will be an explosion of yellow all over my yard.

Daylilies are great because not only do they look good, but they can be split every year to make even more of them. Most people use a shovel to split daylilies but I like to use a large serrated bread knife. I started using one to split my Hostas and just decided that it's the right tool for the job.

Oh you know what? I just remembered that the last time I posted a picture of these guys, someone told me that they were regular lilies and not daylilies. They were marked daylilies when I bought them but they could very well be lilies. I have some Stella D'oro's on the other side of the house and the greens are definitely different.

Well whatever they are, I like the way they look and I split them every spring with a bread knife and that's good enough for me.


  1. sarah k. said...
    From my understanding, day lilies only bloom for one day, then wither and drop off, leaving room for the next one the next day. They're like the lily version of old roses. I could be totally wrong. But now I have a small patch of lilies in my yard, and it's great to know how to split them, so I can make a border with them!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Sarah,
    Yes a daylily border would look great!
    miriam@mysisterdalesgarden.com said...
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    Edward said...
    Those are definitely lilies, not day lilies. I like the serrated knife for splitting, too.
    Anonymous said...
    These are Asiatic lilies
    Katie said...
    Yep, looks like a lily to me. I love both lilies and daylilies because they are so unfussy, and yet so beautiful. An easy reward for any gardener.
    Anthony said...
    Okay, okay, they're lilies. :)
    Lori said...
    Wow, that's a lot of buds! I have tons of what I thought were daylillies in the front yard (though now I'm not so sure based on the discussion here), and they've completely taken over one of the beds. I'd love to separate them so that I can plant a matching bed on the other side of our path. Can you truly just dig them up, slice them apart, and bury them again?
    Babs said...
    yes, judging by the stalks, they are definitely true bulb lilies, not daylilies. But just as beautiful :)

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