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seed rack
Have you ever seen those shelves that come with grow lights that the high end gardening catalogs sell for like five hundred dollars? What a rip off!

Here's where I'm going to start all of my indoor seeds this year. Just a regular wire rack shelf that I got for about $40 at Target or Lowes or somewhere like that. Those expensive versions have pulley systems so that you can raise and lower the lights. I just hang my lights from small chains and a hook. Some of those upscale growing shelves have a built in power strip to plug in lights or heating mats. I ran an extension cord across my laundry room.

No starting seeds doesn't have to be an expensive hobby. The only amazing thing about my seed rack is the fact that I was able to clean my laundry room enough to fit it in there.


  1. Robin's Nesting Place said...
    That is what I use for my indoor growing system and it works great. No need to buy an expensive growing system.
    The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...
    I am going to have to try that next year, my PC grow box works great but pretty limited space.
    Nickie said...
    Hi, I did this a couple years ago, only I used plastic shelving from walmart and grow lights. Cost me about $40 all together. I call it my ghetto grow light LOL! I find that putting foil along the back and sides help the plants grow even sturdier, as the light gets reflected back to the plants rather then lost. Hope that tid bit helps you and good luck.

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