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The Growing Challenge Update

This is a Growing Challenge update to report that I have nothing to report. It's still too soon for me to start any seeds so I'm just sitting tight and waiting. I'll probably start some peas this week but they aren't one of my Growing Challenge seeds so that doesn't count.

I did manage to clean out and re-organize my laundry room though. In previous years, I would start all of my seeds in the basement. But as of November, my basement is now a finished space with carpeting that we turned into a playroom for the kids. So it's no longer a great place for little containers filled with dirt.

That means that I had to move my operation into the laundry room. And so I had to box up and move stuff into the attic in order to fit the shelves in there.

I usually start all of my seeds in March, so I'll have a real update coming soon.


  1. Melinda said...
    Hey, looking forward to it! I'll come back next week, as you're "up" on my list. ; ) Lots of other great stuff to peruse, though!

    And I did chuckle at the first line.
    Anthony said...
    Hi Melinda,
    Don't know if I'll have my seeds planted by next week, but after that things will really get moving around here. Thanks for stopping by and I'm loving your posts lately.

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