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MulchI was looking over the Compost Bin stats the other day and noticed that lots of people who are searching for the keywords "Buy Compost New Jersey" wind up at my site. So it's probably a good idea to help those people out.

I'm really don't buy compost anymore but when I did, I went with MulchExpressUSA. When I first built my raised beds and when I first cut up my grass to make border beds, I needed lots and lots of compost. So I bought it by the truck load. MulchExpressUSA has nice quality bulk compost in Bergen County New Jersey and I never had any complaints.

Now, I make all of my own compost, mostly from leaves and coffee grinds. And if I do need some extra compost, I'll just buy a few bags at a big box store.

I still buy mulch from these guys though and their mulch is great too. In fact they just sent me a letter saying that due to the price increase of gas that they're going to have to raise delivery prices this year. But since I'm a loyal customer (I bought 35 yards of mulch last year) I can lock in an order at the old prices if I do it before the end of April.

And good customer service is always something that gets my attention. So I have no problem recommending them to everyone who's searching for compost or mulch in New Jersey.


  1. Marc said...
    You never cease to amaze me with the huge piles of mulch or compost you have delivered each year. Loyal customer is a bit of an understatement!
    Anthony said...
    Hi Marc,
    I can't take credit for 2008 yet. This is a picture from last year's mulch order. But I won't let you down. Another 20 yard order will be placed before month end. :)
    Ki said...
    Hey doesn't your township have a compost center. We can get all the compost or woodchips we want for free in our township. I'm surprised to see people buying compost at the big box store. I guess they don't want to have to do a little work to get it for free.
    Anthony said...
    Nope, no compost center in my town. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones.
    Annie in Austin said...
    Like Marc I found it amazing to see how much mulch and compost you used last year, Anthony - your garden must be very happy!

    Ki is pretty lucky. In Austin we have to buy our mulch. Right after the holidays the city gives away the mulched Christmas trees. MSS from the Zanthan Gardens blog lives close to the mulching area and brings home a lot of it. We'd need more gasoline to haul it farther, and it would no longer be 'free'.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    The Gardeness said...
    I love this photo. I too have had several of those mounds delivered to my house. But I keep making more beds around my property and it's getting more difficult to haul it in where needed. I guess there's always a blower service ...
    Anthony said...
    Hi Annie,
    My garden gets happier every yet, although my wife doesn't get too happy everytime they fill up my driveway with a new delivery. :)

    Thanks for visiting fellow bulk mulcher. Let's see some pictures of some of those piles. Everyone loves big piles of mulch. :)
    Mark said...
    There is a relatively new supplier of compost based in Sussex County called AgChoice. They make a variety of compost and soil products from local organic materials including horse manure and livestock bedding. They also accept bulk livestock waste. I've used their compost for several years and am very pleased with it. I also bought some topsoil mixed with compost in bulk from their production facility. The mix wasn't so great, I ended up with a lot of weed seedlings so I'll probably stick with the bagged compost from now on. One more thing: if you live in Morris County, compost can be obtained from this facility.
    Lizzie said...
    Do you know of any programs that offer compost bins at a reduce price or even better give them free? They are quite expensive!

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