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This is the neatest my vegetable garden has been in a few years. Usually the weeds between the raised beds are just as tall as the vegetables. But after putting down a fresh layer of mulch, everything looks good.

I also took down the wire fencing that I've been using to keep the woodchucks and rabbits out and replaced it with black deer fencing. You can get a 100 foot roll of deer fencing for like $12 and I only needed a few 2x2s for posts. The best part is that you can hardly see it. The wire fencing was an eye sore.

Now the sad part about this neat garden is that I'm way behind with my planting. I've got my tomatoes and peppers in but not much else. This weekend I'm going to try and get my cucumbers, squash and pumpkin in the ground. Let's hope for a warm September.


  1. steven said...
    Every year I think about mulching around my beds and I never get to it. I think it's because I want to use gravel or shale and I just don't feel like shoveling it. (face it, after 40 there's darn few days you want to shovel gravel.)
    Anthony said...
    Do you mean to tell me that when I hit 40 this year, I'm not going to like shoveling anymore? That settles it. I'm staying 39. :)

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