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The Power Of Mulch



Mulch is awesome. Look at how it made this empty bed come alive. Those green things that haven't flowered yet are purple and white Zurel Tulips. And after the tulips fade away, the bed is also filled with hostas.

I only have another 19.8 yards of mulch to spread before I can park in my driveway again.


  1. Carol said...
    I see your almost done! :-)
    Anthony said...
    Carol, ha-ha smartie pants. :)

    No rush here. I like to savor my mulch.
    deltarebel said...
    Wow! It does look better. I've got to do some serious mulching, too. I'm really enjoying your blog so much and appreciate you stopping in mine. I just set up my composter this past weekend, so it will be a long while before I see any results, so I enjoy looking at all you so around your yard!

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