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20 Yards Of Mulch


  1. Ki said...
    Are you sure that's enough? We get ours free by going down to the Environmental center a euphemism for composting center. The only trouble with that is I don't know how much pesticide and fertilizers are in the mulch. I guess when it cooks and is left in the rain a lot of the chemicals leach out but I'm still a little wary.

    Our neighbor bought a truckload last year of triple milled compost. After putting it around all his plants he gave me about at 2-3 cubic yards of the stuff if I would haul it away which I gladly did. His wife was none too happy that he gave it away free.
    Anthony said...
    I hope it's enough. The pile is about the size of an SUV. :)

    You're so lucky! I'd love to have a neighbor that gave out free compost by the yard.
    Colleen said...
    You just reminded me that I need to order more mulch...thanks :-)
    P~ said...
    Wow, that's a lot of mulch. I'd hate to be your back! I get my mulch and yes, (head lowered eyes staring at the ground in shame) my compost from the local green waste recycling center as well. At twenty bucks a yard of good compost, and 5 a yard for mulch you can't beat it.
    Anthony said...
    $5 a yard for mulch? Where do you live, Mulchville?

    I searched all over and the best price I could find was $18/yard. It's usually about $25/yard here in Northern New Jersey.

    Well at least my compost is free.
    GirlGoneGardening said...
    hehehe nice pile!

    I get free red mulch as much as I want all year long....

    our housing association pays for it and lets us have it becuase they want the yards to look pretty and offer up nice rich top soil too free for the taking! All I have to do is drive down to the drop off site with a spade and something to put it in :)
    Marc said...
    Now that's a mountain of mulch? Didn't you have a big pile like that last year too or am I just having a case of DeJa Vu? (is that how you spell it?)

    Have fun spreading all of that mulch!
    P~ said...
    Yep, Syracuse UT, Mulchville USA! I even checked and yeah it's five bucks a yard. The Waste Managment Company here that runs our local landfill has a special division that only accepts and processes green waste, leaves, branches, plant based stuff, you know. They run it through a shredder and cook it all winter for compost. the lesser cooked and courser material that looks like what you have is indeed $5 a yard. I'm trying to get a compost pile going, but it's pretty hurting. It's a goal for this year though!
    Blackswamp_Girl said...
    Do you need a grappling hook to attach to that fence so you can get to the top of your mulch pile, Anthony? *grin*

    Better you than me... good luck!
    Anthony said...
    GGG gets free mulch and P~ pays $5/yard. Not fair! I thought I was the one who lived in the garden state! :(

    Marc, do you mean this tiny little pile? I doubled my order this year because I have a lot of new beds and borders to make.

    Blackswamp_Girl, grappling hook? All I have to say about that is, AWESOME! :)

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