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Custom Domain Possibilities

I'm thinking about switching to the custom domain setup option for Blogger. That would let me use a real non-blogspot domain but it would still hosted for free by Blogger. All I'd have to do is buy a domain from someone like GoDaddy.com.

Moving to a real domain on a different host would be like starting over again. I'd lose all my backlinks and search engine traffic. But this Blogger Custom Domain automatically redirects your traffic from your blogspot site to your new site.

But the big question is, and I'd appreciated some help in the comments, what would the new site be called? CompostBin.com is taken as is TheCompostBin.com. I guess my only requirement in a new name would be that it has something to do with compost. Any ideas?


  1. Anonymous said...
    How about compostbinblog.com?
    Anthony said...
    Simple and to the point. I though of that too, but to paraphase John Cusack in Say Anything, "I'm looking for a dare to be great situation." :)
    sixty-five said...
    Annie in Austin said...
    With the saying "all gardening is local" buzzing in my mind, maybe putting the New Jersey part in might not be a bad idea?
    Like "CompostguyinNJ"

    lornadoone said...
    What about something like inthecompostbin?

    Anthony said...
    65, composts.com is a great domain but it's already taken.

    Annie, I proud to live in NJ but I know there's a lot of people out there who don't think too highly of it. Come on people! It's the Garden State after all. :)

    Lorna, One of my candidates was InMyCompostBin but I like your idea better. Hmmm...
    Carol said...
    Picking up on Annie's comment how about just Compostguy
    Anthony said...
    Carol, I would love to have compostguy or compostman or something superheroish like that but those domains are already taken. :(
    Doug Green said...
    Try adding hyphens to your choice of name. compost-guy.com etc.

    Or switch to a compostguy.NET extension or ORG extension as you're going to be the compost Network or Organization "for the world" by next week. :-)

    All the best

    Anthony said...
    Compost Network Of The World? Doug, I like the way you think. :)

    Next week might be a little soon though, better give it two weeks.
    Marc said...
    Sorry, I don't have any better ideas that all of these folks.

    I do have a question, though. What would be the benefit of switching? My blog is GardenDesk.blogspot.com and I already own GardenDesk.com, so I could switch as well. I wanted to use it to make a non-blog website but I'm a very slow learner with such things. Maybe I should follow your lead and switch my blog. Anthony, do you think I should? If so, why? I'd appreciate your insight.

    I just thought of a name maybe. How about CompostAnthony.com?
    Anthony said...
    Marc, CompostAnthony sounds like the title of a horror movie that I don't want to be the star of. :)

    Re:Blogspot vs Non-Blogspot
    It's really just personal preference but it's something I've been meaning to do for a while. This new blogger feature lets me do it without losing any traffic or backlinks so I'm considering it.

    I think it's great that you're learning how to do a non-blog website. I'm a Web Developer at my 9-5, so I just take the technical side of webmastering for granted.
    EAL said...

    I wholeheartedly support this. I own allentowngardener.com and gardeningwhile intoxicated.com

    Much cooler to send people to your own domain name.

    It's easy to set up a redirect. I don't know that you need to even do it through blogger.
    Anthony said...
    Eal, I'm not a big fan of dashes but that one is already taken anyway. :(
    Paula Neal Mooney said...
    There are many benefits I've read about switching to a regular dot com without the blogspot:

    * I get paid to blog thru PayPerPost and some of those advertisers don't like the blogspot address.

    * A guy who switched over to a dot com from blogspot address said his Google ads pay better -- another said his Google ads are more intuitive

    * Folks look down on blogspot addresses -- saying we're not "professional" enough and only taken seriously when we get a regular dot com address

    * And lastly, this guy's post here says that you don't have to lose your ranking when you switch over using this method:


    I think I'm going to try his way possibly over this way, described here:


    I pray the switch goes well for all of us!

    Happy Friday Blogging,
    Anthony said...
    Paula, thanks for those links and the prayers too. I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us.

    And that's interesting info about Google Ads working better and paying higher.
    Gotta Garden said...
    Okay, I'll throw few in the ring:




    In the End...Compost





    Okay, my brain is tired..enough creativity for one day...lol!
    Gotta Garden said...
    I thought of one more...ready??

    Bin There, Composted That

    What do you think??!

    (I'm amusing myself if no one else!)
    Anthony said...
    Gotta Garden, feel free to amuse yourself in my comments anytime you want. :)

    You're ideas are great but I think I found one that I'm going to use. I'm not going to mention what I picked until I owe it though.
    Jessie Jane said...
    Well, apparently you've already made a decision but I was getting excited about Compost This (aka www.copostthis.com)!
    Anthony said...
    Jessie Jane, CompostThis is a great name. I like it.

    But I'm holding off on the Custom Domain for a little while. I want to be 100% sure that I don't lose my backlinks and traffic and I'm not sure yet.
    lisa said...
    How about "Tales from the Crapbox"?
    hahahahaha....oh....sorry...it's just that I read the other post first, and... well...I bet your wife would like that title! Anyhow, good luck!
    androo said...

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